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the door for 1 hour

Hookah + ready shisha (enough for 1.5 - 2 hours)

Deliver to the door
and take it ourselves

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Khalil Mamoon

Tobacco Al Fakher (taste to choose from)

5000 тг

To order
Khalil Mamoon

Tobacco Argelini (taste to choose from)

6000 тг

To order
AMY (Argelini)

Hookah + shisha with tobacco Argelini (taste to choose from)

10000 тг

To order
AMY Deluxe

Hand tobacco (taste to choose from)

6000 тг

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The kit includes:

Choose the aroma of tobacco

Al Fakher

Melon - peach - orbit,
Watermelon - blackberry,
Blackberry is a freshman,
Plum is a freshman,
Jasmine - mint,
Grapes - apple - mint,
Grapes are mint,
Vanilla is a strawberry,
Orange - lemon - mint,
Lemon - freshman - mint,
Cardamom - lemon - mint,
Guava - peach - orbit


Red berries (cherry - strawberry - raspberry),
Grapes with mint,
Ice grapes,
Watermelon with mint,
Forest berries with mint,
Lemon with mint,
Citrus fruits with mint,
White Russia (a mixture of coffee),
Honeydew melon,
Strawberry margarita,
Double apple,
Fruit gum,
Fruit mix,
Vanilla - latte,
Blue legend (berry cocktail)

Hand tobacco

A pineapple,
The chill,

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Hookah on house Astana

“Hookah at home” – is the operational delivery of ready hookahs to a house in Astana. We conduct outbound hookah service on corporate parties, weddings, and also deliver hookah at home. We will deliver the ready hookah home for an hour!

8 reasons to order a hookah from us:

  • We have been working for more than three years in the hookah catering market. We serve events ranging from small private orders to weddings and corporate parties.
  • We will make not only excellent hookahs, but also arrange the territory to make you comfortable to smoke.
  • We use only quality hookahs. It is a pledge of easy and comfortable smoking
  • We use only fresh tobacco.
  • Our staff are polite and tidy.
  • Many of the customers recommend us to their friends and order hookahs again.
  • If you do not like the hookah, then we will refund the money!
  • If you want your hookah to serve a hookah, but you are afraid that an unfamiliar person is in your apartment, then on demand the hookah will show you his passport.
  • You do not need to look for a hookah now. Hookah bar itself will come to your home or office!

How to cook a hookah at home